You have probably heard people say that working for the Government is one of the best places to work in Kenya. This is credited to the fact that the Government provides their employees with allowances and benefits that include housing, and car allowances.
Also, the salary for majority of Government jobs in Kenya is relatively good.

Here are best-paying government jobs in Kenya today

1. Finance jobs; Nairobi Securities Exchange, Audit Jobs, KRA employees, CBK jobs, Insurance jobs, Accounting, Financial managers
2. Transportation and Storage – Kshs 76,093 Per Month
The best-paying government jobs in Kenya in this category include Distribution Manager, Freight Operators, Road Maintenance and Operating of Transport infrastructures such as Airports, harbors and bridges.
All these groups of people take home estimated Kshs 76,093 per month.
3. Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply- Kshs 66,740 per Month
All the Engineers such as Petroleum Engineers, Subcontracting Engineers and Electrical Engineers who work within Government bodies are paid around Kshs 66,740 per month onwards.
4. Accommodation and Food Service Activities – Kshs 65,596 per month
If you have a Hospitality Degree or Diploma, there are good Government jobs you can get within the Government of Kenya.
The employees who cash an estimated Kshs 65,596 include Cooks, Event Caterers, Short-stay accommodation for visitors and other travelers etc.
5. Majority Control by the Government – Kshs 56,969 per month
All Public servants working within the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary earn estimated 56K per month onwards.
6. Human Health and Social Work Activities – Kshs 56,630 per month
Typical jobs include Government hospital workers, Public health nurse jobs, and Community health nurse jobs.
Most of them earn from around 56K per month.
7. Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles – Kshs 54,898 per month
The Government Jobs in Kenya within this group include Government Vehicle Operator Jobs.
8.  Procurement Jobs
9.   Medical Jobs 
10. Engineering Jobs; Electricity
11. Judiciary Jobs
12.  Legislators
13. IT Jobs
14. Transportation and Storage; Freight Operators, Road Maintenance and Operating of Transport infrastructure
15. County Government Jobs