Am not going to deny that getting lower grades than you expected sucks. It’s disappointing to feel like you didn’t achieve a goal that you worked hard for.

But, at the same time I’m not going to let you wallow in your own self pity or drink the disappointment away. It’s not the end of the world.

Now, I know, I know, I know you’ve probably heard that a thousand times today and it doesn’t make you feel any better at all. But seriously, hear me out; missing out on the results you wanted, does not mean you’re condemned to fail everything and live under a bridge for the rest of your life.

You might not be on the path you expected, but you could be on a better one. You may not be getting to do the university degree wanted, but you could have dodged a mighty bullet. Remember that there are different routes to the same destination. So even if you have your heart set on a specific career, this just means you have to find another way to get there. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

And if that ‘reach for the stars, you can do anything’ speech didn’t work, you don’t have to take my word for it. Take a look below at this pretty impressive list of rich and successful Kenyan who got low High School results or some did well in High School but couldn’t afford paying for University degrees before they were famous. These guys might just convince you that everything is going to be ay-ok, if you refuse to let this little blip define you.

1. Jaguar

Jaguar was recently is one of the richest musicians in Kenya you may not be a fan of his music but he certainly knows what he is doing even without an educational background.

2. Redsan

Although we haven’t heard from this guy in a while it is clear that Redsan managed to get the spotlight with his music and creativity without a degree.

3. Huddah Monroe  

Regardless of what people may say, let’s just be honest, this girl makes more money than some of us have ever seen or will see. She is clearly a hustler and has even managed to get her own makeup line.

4. Octopizzo

We know him as the man that represents Kibera but at the same time, he is also so loaded just through his music.

5. Kenrazy

Rumors had it that Kenrazy was pursuing a degree in aeronautical engineering but that was a while ago. Either way, this man is certainly not struggling for money.

6. Colonel Mustafa

We have seen him in Nairobi diaries and other scandals which we won’t mention because that’s none of our business. All you need to know is that this guy is filthy rich and didn’t go through university.

7. Nonini

He’s been on our TV screens for so long and now here he is, after the hustle and bustle it is safe to say that this man’s sweat feeds him and very well too.

8. Marya

Even if she doesn’t have a degree she lives in Dubai and obviously doesn’t struggle to make ends meet. She may just be the definition of success even without the degree and all.

9. Juliani

Probably one the most humble musicians in our industry yet he has so much mulla.

10. Kaligraph Jone

I guess when you have a certain amount of money it also comes with some serious American accent. Kaligraph Jones isn’t one to be messed with because he has the money without the academia.

11. Bahati

This man keeps shocking us with just how humble he is and on top of it he is so successful and it is inspiring.

12. Chipukeezy

This talented man clearly didn’t need a degree to make us all laugh. Hilarious Chipukeezy is only in his twenties but is already making it in life. He is not only a comedian but also a radio presenter for Kiss FM.